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Cuatro-3 Stove

Cuatro-3 Stove is the new generation of wood-burning fires produced by Barbas. A range of magnificent wood-burning fires that combine advantages of a built-in fireplace with an easy installation of an insert fireplace. This means that the Cuatro-3 stove is suitable for both situations - completely new fireplaces and also as the replacement of your current fireplace.

The Cuatro-3 stove is simple to install and available with a powerful ventilator (option) that distributes heat around the room even faster. The ventilator is fitted under the fireplace, which offers the possibility to switch the ventilator on and off as desired with the continuously adjustable control.

Depending on the situation, Cuatro-3 can be connected to fresh outside air. If it is installed as an insert fireplace the combustion air can be drawn from your living room

Cuatro-3 Stove Features

Cuatro-3 Stove Features:

Classy all rounder

Built-in and insert wood burner
For new and existing situations
Optional powerful ventilator
Concrete ceramic interior
Renewed combustion system
High efficiency
Low particles emissions
Perfect control over the fire
Models 57, 70, 75, 80, 90

Cuatro-3 Stove Specifications


Please call the showroom regarding model spec
Please call the showroom regarding model spec
Please call the showroom regarding model spec

Stove Flue Choices:

Please call the showroom


Please call the showroom regarding the Barbas Cuatro-3 Stove warranty

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