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Energa Stove

The Energa Stove is a modern built-in fireplace provided with a patented filter of ceramic material with a finely-woven structure. The smoke gasses are transported before they leave the fireplace and the microscopic dust is combusted by the high temperatures. So the ceramic foam filter ensures a lower emission of organic microscopic dust. Due to the enormous heat reflection the ceramic filter also ensures a better combustion with higher efficiency as a result.

Due to the sponge-like structure the filter stops the flaming parts and prevents a chimney fire. Furthermore, the Energa Stove filter isolates very well as a result of which the temperature in the chimney will be lower and give off more heat to its environment with again a higher efficiency as a result.

Energa Stove Features

Energa Stove Features:

Environment-friendly wood burner

Built-in wood burner (new situations)
Generous revolving door
Ceramic microscopic dust filter
On the environment list Agentschap NL
Renewed combustion system
High efficiency
Low particles emissions
Models 60/45, 70/55 (Tunnel), 80/50

Energa Stove Specifications


Please call the showroom regarding model spec
Please call the showroom regarding model spec
Please call the showroom regarding model spec

Stove Flue Choices:

Please call the showroom


Please call the showroom regarding the Barbas Energa Stove warranty

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