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Escamolux Stove

Escamolux Stove a classy fireplace with lift door.

Those who think that nothing is better then the charm, the smell and the sound of an open fireplace, are served hand and foot with the Escamolux Stove. Get charmed by the beautiful play of flames and the classy minimalistic design.

The Escamolux Stove is made from the high quality materials and is durable as no other fireplace. Operating mechanisms, ventilators, smoke-gas outlet, window, sliding door. All moving parts and units which can get weared out, can always be replaced, without the necessity to break down your fireplace.

A big assortment of very high quality, timeless classic to modern. An extensive collection Eco-appliances plús another two models with a striking rustic look. All with a high efficiency. A number of Eco-fireplaces have beautiful soap stones sheeting, for a long and equal warmth supply. A number is sheeted with cast iron. No lack of choice!

Escamolux Stove Features

Escamolux Stove Features:

Classy fireplace with lift door

Built-in fireplace (new situations),
Minimalistic design,
Maximum view to the fire,
Stoking up open and closed,
Ingenious blade tilting mechanism which makes it easy to clean the window,
High efficiency,
Low microscopic dust emissions,
Models 70/55, 80/65, 90/45, 105/45

Escamolux Stove Specifications


Please call the showroom regarding model spec
Please call the showroom regarding model spec
Please call the showroom regarding model spec

Stove Flue Choices:

Please call the showroom


Please call the showroom regarding Barbas warranty

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